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May Days

The first half of May brought some unusual activity for us. We, as a family, went to a PhD defense party. The hard working recipient is a new friend whom I met in one of my mother groups. She is super nice, and it was wonderful to be around such fun, diverse people, even if only for a few hours.

Next up was a baby shower for our neighbor Erin. Eric, her husband, was part of the move from Boston to NM so he works with Kyle. They are both really nice, and we don't get to see them as much as we would like. Erin's shower was nice, and I really enjoyed the art project that we all took part in. We each painted a onesie for their little girl. Here's hoping the artists won't be persecuted for their designs in the near future.

Finally, there was Mother's Day, which we celebrated a day early. This year my mom and I decided to get away and have a girl's afternoon. It had a rocky start with some keys getting locked in a car and us missing our original pedicure appointment. We were quickly back on track though. We got the keys, rebooked our appointment, came home and had some wonderful chocolate, thanks to my sweetheart, and headed over for my first ever pedicure and my 2nd ever manicure. I enjoyed the massaging chairs, and it was nice to have my feet pretty for summer. However, I will skip the manicure next time. Being the woman that I am, I had destroyed the polish by the next day. If I remember correctly, I was building our new garden box and "Bye bye nail polish". My favorite part of the day though was dinner and drinks afterwards at El Patron with my mom, whom I love dearly. I can't even remember the last time my mom and I did something like that.

The last major May event was the beginning of the weaning process. On the 18th,  Logan and I dropped his morning nursing sessions. Yay!

Well, back to my typical post, full of pictures and minimal text:

On May 1st, I set out some rice for Logan to play with. He practiced his scooping and pouring for quite some time. Every mother loves any game that gets a 2 year old engaged on his own for any length of time.

On the 3rd, we went hiking. While we didn't get out as early as we wanted to, we didn't hike as far as we wanted to, and our carrier broke within minutes of starting our hike, it was still really nice to be out and about. I have some friends, the Eden's, who have really gotten into hiking this past year and it has been so good for their health and their family overall that I am hoping to do the same with my family. This was the first step.

The great thing is that this trail is super close to our house. Once we got on the trail, it was like pulling teeth to get Logan to keep going. We would continually have to "spy" something up ahead to get his interest aroused. It was pretty frustrating for a while, but in the end I was able to let go and enjoy the hike.

Skip forward to the 14th and you would find us at the zoo once more. This time we had a new member of the gang, my Uncle Lee (he's the one in the cowboy hat). He came to stay with my parents right before Mother's Day. This was the first time he had been with us at the zoo.

Logan ran up and asked Grandma to hold his hand.

Kyle joined us on his lunch break, so of course Logan wanted to run with him.

On the 17th, Logan spent some time outside with his water table. I foresee it being used a lot this summer.

That is also the day that we planted our garden. There is that lovely garden box that destroyed my manicured nails. Sadly, our chosen garden spot gets too much shade (oops!), and much of our garden is already dead. I hope we at least get something for our trouble. I had also found a few people to share garden produce with this summer. I will be so sad if we have nothing to contribute.

This may also have been one of the first times that Logan played with the hose. He really enjoys filling his water table, watering the garden on occasion, and spraying anyone near him.

This was the 18th and the very day we stopped our morning nursing sessions. For a while he would ask for milk every morning, but now he just says he is ready to get up and have a snack.

Here I've captured a rare moment of peace for Frak. Logan is constantly running after her or scaring her. The poor girl takes it well and still tries to be social. Frik, on the other hand, hides upstairs every day.