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June - Part 3

We finished June with our first visit to Meow Wolf. What a crazy and wonderful place.

These bones play music when you tap them.

This tree house was one of his favorite places.

Back at home I started removing the ceiling wallpaper in preparations for our kitchen remodel.

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June - part 2

June continued with some more Nature Center Outings and a birthday.

First time to watch Disney's Robin Hood 
His class went to the Nature Center

Frak enjoyed watching our butterflies.

We finally got to celebrate Grandpa Neel's birthday.

Our car got an upgrade.

Butterfly release day.

These were the fairy tale books we read for that theme in June.

This book is just one of his favorites.

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June - part 1

June started where May left off. We were at Grandma and Grandpa Neel's house.

Spent some time at home.
Logan had been pushing me on the swing.

He created a special place for Frak to nap.

Logan and I went to a park concert with Reyna and her little girl.

Spent another morning at the Nature Center.

Took a little hike with some friends after the Nature Center class.

Then we met some more friends at the library.

Logan and I tried the Natural History Museum, but he wasn't really interested so we ended up at Explora.

Now this is a great end to a great day.

Bye bye pink and purple.

Logan and Dad had a little dance party while I was painting the guest room.