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Rewind back to August

A final post about August.

We took a twilight tour of the zoo. There were about 8 of us on the tour. It was a fast and furious tour, but really neat to be in such a small group with a tour guide who obviously loved the zoo. I highly recommend taking the tour if you have the chance. I think they do it about 3 times a year.

The snow leopard cubs.

Ok. I couldn't help posting a lot of photos of Logan eating watermelon. I just couldn't choose a favorite shot.

Logan got to meet his Aunt Leah, Uncle Tom and Cousin Calder for the first time. Sadly, Logan was a little tired, but he did enjoy pool time right before this photo was taken.

Logan loves bath time. No matter how grumpy he is, he lights up when he sees his tub filling up with water.

There were many milestones during the 2nd part of August. Logan learned how to transition from being flat on his back to sitting up. He started using the pincer grip for eating. His top two front teeth came in. He slept on his stomach for the first time. He stood up in his crib. To top it all off he started crawling on the 28th!
For those who want to see those first few moments of crawling and the following day here is a short video.



  1. Uh oh, those kitties better run! This made me smile so much, way to go Logan!

  2. So cute to see how they figure out those first movements! Time to put those blankets on the floor away, because he won't stay on them anymore! (When Evan started rolling around we got a bigger quilt to lay down, but then soon we just gave up on the blanket on the floor thing entirely). Are those bum genius diapers you've got him in? How do you like them? They are probably our favorite (after we got past periods of leaking when he was younger).