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Kauai Day 4 (September)

Well, looks like I am not even remotely going to reach my goal to have the blog up to date before Thanksgiving. Oh well. I'll have to set a new goal of being caught up by Christmas. Of course, that goal already has a bunch of hurdles as the next two months are typically the busiest out of the year. 

For now, here are the photos from our 3rd day in Kauai.

We drove up to this waterfall, which is right by the road. You just hop out of the car, snap a photo and you are back on your way.

Our next adventure was to hike the Kuilau Ridge Trail. We started at the trailhead, not realizing that there was a much nicer road you could start out on a few feet away. The path we took was very muddy, but it quickly joined the road you see in the photo below. The rest of the hike was a little climb to the ridge for fantastic views.

This was on the way back down. Logan got super grumpy as he had to be on Kyle's back rather than in the front to help Kyle keep his balance. We pretty much raced down the mountain with Logan crying. There were more couples and families hiking this trail than the previous hike we did, but it was still pretty isolated.
Yes, that is a bruise on his head. Sadly he bumped it on the table leg at the condo while he was trying to stand.

 Arboretum at the bottom of the hill was a nice place to relax after the hike before heading back to the condo for the afternoon.
 The trees had such neat bark colors.

Here is our condo. It was a 2 bedroom, 2 bath. I loved how the whole front of the condo was sliding glass doors that opened up all the way. There were only 9 units in the condo! Even better, it normally goes for about $230 a night and we got it for $170 (including the 13% taxes!). I found it on flipkey and rented directly from the owner. Some of the condos were for sale at $1.5 million. So, we felt lucky to have such a private place. It was the end unit too.

Another thing that made our trip with Logan so easy was that we were able to rent the stroller and the booster seat from a local baby item rental company, Kauai Baby Gear. So worth not taking those things on the plane.

After lunch we went down to the baby pool in the ocean, which was very close to our condo. We met a great local family there. They had 3 boys. The youngest was 4 months old and didn't have a name yet. Apparently in Hawaii it is customary to get to know your child a little before giving them a name.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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  1. Looks so fun! We just got back from Oahu...missing some of the things about Hawaii already, but also glad to be home. We also saw those cool colorful trees! :)