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Finishing up Kauai (September)

I know I mentioned a goal to get caught up with the blog. Well, until Logan sleeps better I will just have to be behind. We are working on his sleep and hopefully I will be able to report progress soon. That is assuming that his cutting of his molars doesn't interfere too much. Sadly last week saw horrible nights due to teething pain.

Onto our last shots of Kauai:

On Day 5 we took a short hike to some small falls in the morning. The hike was pretty easy. We even took the stroller part of the way. The falls were pretty, but I thought the surrounding area was even prettier.

After our hike we headed back to the condo for lunch. We picked up some food from two tiny spots in Kapaa. Kyle had poke and I had a curry. Both dishes were wonderful.

We finished our day at Lydgate beach taking in some swimming and walking the long path through the park.

The next day was a big day for me. We drove North taking side trips to view some of the beaches.
When we got to our final destination, Anini Beach. I hopped on the Sea Breeze boat for a 5 hour sightseeing/snorkeling tour of the Na Pali Coast. I have to say that it was hard getting on that boat. It was the longest I had ever been away from Logan and it wasn't like I was going to be a phone call away.
So I watched my family get smaller as our boat sailed away. It was a good trip for me even though I missed my family. The time was peaceful and beautiful.
This tortoise saw us off.
 Forgive me for the plethora of photos. It was a beautiful area and I am a camera happy person.
We saw multiple dolphin pods. The swam right next to the boat too.
Here were some feral goats that have taken over parts of the island.
The boat above is the kind of boat Kyle took on his snorkeling trip the next day.

The picture above was the area we (Kyle and I) snorkeled at. I had a great time and ended up being the last person back on the boat (so was Kyle). Since I am not a brave person when it comes to the ocean I think this was a big step for me.

One of the pods had a mom and baby swimming together. Didn't help my separation anxiety.
Can you see those hikers in the middle of the picture? Not sure I could hike that part.
Below is just one of the scenic stops we took on the way back to the condo. Looks like it could be in any number of movies don't you think? It had been a rainy day so the fields were extra green.

As I mentioned above, on the final day Kyle took a similar boat tour that I did. So, while he was doing that Logan and I stayed at the condo and packed up. We had to spend part of the time sitting by the pool as the condo had to be cleaned for the next family.
One last lunch on our lanai.
When Kyle returned we loaded up the car, headed back north and went to Tunnels beach to spend some time taking turns snorkeling. What a wonderful area. You just step into the water and great snorkeling is right there. Kyle went first while I fed Logan his yogurt.

After I finished snorkeling we had to get cleaned up and head back to the airport for our flight. Here is where I had my big mistake of the trip. I misplaced the keys to the car.... Somewhere between opening the car and showering I had set them somewhere. Can you imagine my horror. After some very stressful moments we discovered the keys in the key hole of the trunk. Boy was I relieved. I couldn't imagine missing our flight and it was going to be dark soon. Luckily everything turned out just fine.

All that was left of our trip was the overnight flight home. We were really nervous since Logan doesn't sleep well, but wouldn't you know it he slept the whole way. At that point it was one of the longest sleeping periods he had ever had. Sadly I couldn't sleep.

Kyle and I loved Kauai! It was the perfect vacationing spot for us. Hopefully we will be lucky enough to return some day.

I think that closes out the blogs for September. Now I can move onto Oct. Only three months behind schedule. Oh well.

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  1. Those photos are beautiful! So glad you all had such a nice trip!