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December - Part 1

Feeling like I might catch up here. Since the holidays are over I might find time for the blog...

Logan loves books. There was a phase when he would just bring me book after book to read. I'm very happy to read them, but I wish I could bring the books to life better than I do. Luckily Kyle is a fantastic reader. He does different voices for all of the characters and makes the best noises. Wish I had that talent. I am looking forward to years of being entertained by Kyle reading to Logan and me.

This past December marked our (including my mom's) first trip to the River of Lights at the Botanical Gardens in Albuquerque. All I can say is WOW!
Loved how the puffer fish changed!

I had to share these spaghetti pics. His expressions are just too much.

Logan took his first steps on December 8th and has been walking like a champ ever since. He has 8 teeth and has been working on his molars for some time. Back in November he started stacking his rings and cups. He sure is growing fast.


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