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'Tis the Season

Now to rush through December...

We got our tree on the 1st.

We had a tree trimming party with Uncle Tim, one of our closest friends.

After the tree was done, we decorated our windows.

I had a friend give me this idea of a magnet, christmas sensory bin.

Logan shared special moments at school with one of his closest friends.

Our family was visited for the first time by a Christmas Kindness Elf. He came with a welcome letter and it told us he is name is Ralphie.

We set up the legos in Logan's Room.

Our kindness Elf, Ralphie, suggested we make a card for the mail person today.

Listened to our Christmas books, this one "Frosty the Snowman" was recorded by Grandpa Jay.

Spent a day hiking with friends on the Mitchell Trail in Los Alamos

That night we went to the light parade. Logan was so tired and fell asleep on the walk to the parade, but he did wake up and managed to enjoy some of it.

Ralphie visited us every day with notes of recommended kindness to share with friends and family.

We went ice skating at our local ice rink with friends.

Ralphie once again. This time he gave Buzz a beard and some major playdoh eye brows.

Logan and I played Checkers for the first time.

I managed to get our annual Christmas pants done.

Enjoyed some Christmas playdoh mats.

Logan was measured at school. He sure is a tall one.

He was still 3, but some of the kids on this chart are already 5.

Enjoyed some silly face time.

Had a great time at Logan's School Christmas Party.

Enjoyed hot chocolate and cookies.

Got in line to see Santa.

He told Santa he wasn't sure what he wanted for Christmas.

Santa read "The Polar Express" to everyone and the kids all received bells from Santa.

Probably the best photo I got showing a good chuck (7) of Logan's buddies.