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Bring on November

Today is Mother's Day and I'm about to go see Captain America: Civil War. However I wanted to get one blog done before I leave.

November began with some more leaf play. Our neighbors came over to enjoy the end of fall with us.

We had a picnic lunch in the park after school and I ran while he rode his balance bike.

We came home to discover Frik likes the bean bag chair.

The next day Frik and Frak shared a chair. They don't like being near each other any more so this was a rare occasion.

Luckily Kyle raked all of the leaves just in time for snow to come. Frak isn't sure about the current occupants of our yard.

The next weekend Grandma and Grandpa Wiens came for a visit. We ventured outside for some hiking, drove up to the ski hill and enjoyed some family video gaming. Logan also had a pretty major bike crash. He was trying to turn between two buildings at the park and rode his bike right into one. He did get back on his bike and keep going after a bit.

This nature hike is super close to our house so it makes for a great, quick get away.

Our first visit to the ski hill.

Enjoying some tv time together.

Another look at his bike crash injuries.

A little bit of Mario Kart to finish the last night of their visit.

This is our activity board that covers our tv. I think I got the idea from Pinterest. It gives us options to consider other than tv. We were just watching too much tv, but this has been helpful since it's creation.



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