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Costumes, Pumpkins, & Candy, Oh My

Down to the final days of October. A school costume parade and party to finish the month.

My little hero.

Special lunch for Halloween party day. Yay Pinterest.

J. is one of Logan's best friends.

Waving during the parade.
M and Logan walking the plank over shark infested waters.

M. and Logan discover the treasure chest. These two can be the best of buds at times.

Getting some tattoos.

I didn't realize he could do this until this moment. I miss so much when he is at school.

I just loved the clouds this day. Looked like a painting.

Catch the pumpkin balloon.

Some Halloween pencil painting.

Off to Trick-or-Treat Main Street. Love this town. It is so kid friendly

We even ran into some buddies.

Testing out some of our other costumes.

Putting up our outside decorations.

All prepped for the Halloween party!

We had to walk across the whole park to get to the party. We just love our neighbors and our neighborhood. It is going to be a fantastic place to grow up.

Obviously so far behind, but I enjoyed reliving these moments. Goodbye October.


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