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Finishing up April

Here is our quick photo round up of April.

Logan's hair seems to be coming in nicely. It still has a red tint to it, but it looks more brown to me.

Logan loves the rings Grandma Neel gave him for Easter.

While Logan likes many of his small toys, he LOVES his little elephant.

Another trip to the zoo!

Testing out my zoom lens. Love it!

Kyle can't get rid of that beard now.

Another treat from Grandma Neel. Perhaps Logan will be a pianist like his great grandma was.

Logan seems to be pondering Dad's musical number.
On April 4th, Logan fell asleep for the first time on his back by himself on his play mat. Sadly, he still hardly sleeps flat on his back at all.  He also started putting his hands in his mouth alot in April, making us suspect that he might be teething....but, no.  April was way too early for teeth, although he does have two bottom teeth coming in now (in late June).


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Our First Easter Together

Easter has always been a wonderful holiday for me. I grew up in the mountains where the air was cool in the spring time and the trees were always green. It made for the perfect location for an Easter gathering every year. I could never find any eggs, whether they were right in front of my face or not. I can't say that I loved that aspect of Easter, but I did love the live bunnies I got as a child. After all, what child wouldn't love waking up to a bunny hopping around the living room? I can't wait to give that gift to Logan some day. What I love the most about Easter is that it is time for family and friends. We all gather together, enjoy the nice mountain air and watch the current group of kids walking past the eggs that are right in front of them, although no kid has ever been as bad as I was at hunting eggs. Needless to say, this Easter was special since it was Logan's first Easter. Here are some moments I want to share with you.

Let's see how Dad and I are doing.

Uh... there are not enough eggs in that basket.
Ok Dad. Looks like everything will be alright now.

I like your style Grandpa Neel!

Look, a photo of me, Mom and Grandma! Mom is hardly ever in the photos.

A more recent photo of Logan has been requested since my blogs are so behind. So, this photo was taken on 6/18. Logan just got this new jumper toy and LOVES it!


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March Madness

March was so long ago that it seems I have already forgotten all that we did back then. Luckily I take a ton of photos to help me remember.
One of the early photos of Logan starting to put everything in his mouth. In this photo, Logan is in his bouncer, which is where he slept at this stage. He still hates sleeping on his back, I assume due to reflux issues. During these early days, I slept on the couch cushions on the floor of his room next to him in the bouncer.
First time Logan tried his noise suppression headset while Dad played Rock Band. He tolerated them for a whole minute if I remember correctly.
Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles. So cute when he makes bubbles.
Yeah, that's right. I can sit up in my Bumpo.
Mom introduced me to the iPad! I love my music making app. Back in March, we played this and an animal identification app almost every morning.

I got to sneak away for the first time to attend the engagement party for my friend Reyna and her lucky man, Terry.  I am so glad I was able to be there since I was unable to make it to the wedding in Cancun on June 20th. What a wedding it must have been though.

During March we were still isolating Logan from people who hadn't had their flu or whooping cough vaccinations. So, when Kyle's sister Sharolyn came for a visit from China, we wouldn't even let her come to our house for a visit. Instead, we went to the zoo where she could see him from a distance. We had a fantastic time with Sharolyn, her son Trey, her daughter Alyssa (who flew down from CO with her son Silas), Kyle's other sister, Deneen, and her son Nathan.

Logan at the elephant area.
What a great looking group.

I'll think about playing with my alligator and get back to you.
Ok. You caught me. I really love my alligator.
I caught you watching that basketball game!
Frak is hoping she will get some extra attention if she pretends to be Logan in the bouncer.
Frik refuses to be ignored!

Our last visitors for March were Kyle's mother and her two sisters. I think they liked Logan.
Left to Right: Aunt Sharon, Aunt Phyllis, Kyle, Betty, and at the bottom you can see Logan in his car seat.


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First trip to the zoo and a very special visit!

Well, it appears that I must accept being perpetually late for everything, at least for the time being. My house seems always in disarray, the dishes are seldom done before Kyle gets home (except on days when Keith and my Mom stop by and do them), and I certainly have not been able to keep this blog up to date. I suppose that is the typical life of a new mom. Or perhaps I am just not as organized as I thought I was. Regardless, I will not apologize for being behind on posts, but rather I will celebrate each time I am able to sit down and write a few words to go with my plethora of photos. So, I raise my coffee mug and toast the few minutes I have to share these photos with you.

These photos are from the first weekend in March. That's right, March. My mom's best friend -- and the person I lovingly refer to as my Aunt Jenny -- came to visit us for a long weekend. We ventured out a few times, but mostly stayed at the house just enjoying our time together.

I want to take a moment to mention how fabulous Kyle is. Not only does he come home to a mess of a house and doesn't say a word about it, he cooks dinner after a 9 hour work day and often does the dishes, laundry and whatever else needs doing. I am truly lucky to have such a wonderful man. He is also a fantastic daddy. One thing Kyle and Logan do together is bath time. It is their special bonding time. This photo was taken right after a bath.

Aunt Jenny brought Logan a special friend, which he snuggles with each time we put him in his crib for some play time. He doesn't sleep in his crib yet since he seems to hate being flat on his back (we assume due to gas and reflux), but we do try to play with him in it so he can associate it with happy times.

Our major outing for the weekend was to the Rio Grande Zoo. Kyle and I love visiting zoos. When we go on vacation, we often find our way to the local zoo and we both feel that the Rio Grande zoo is one of the best zoos we have been to. We have already been to the zoo about 4 times this year and I'm sure Logan will spend lots of his youth there.

For his first visit, Logan pretty much slept through the entire trip.

When I was growing up, Aunt Jenny always gave me books. It was her special gift to me. In fact my mom kept those books and now I read them to Logan. Each book came with a special note to me and they are dear to my heart. When we had our baby shower for Logan, Aunt Jenny sent many books with special notes to him too. Well, I'm happy to say that Aunt Jenny was the first to read a book to Logan. It seemed fitting.

I just love this photo of Keith and Logan so I had to share it.