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Finishing up April

Here is our quick photo round up of April.

Logan's hair seems to be coming in nicely. It still has a red tint to it, but it looks more brown to me.

Logan loves the rings Grandma Neel gave him for Easter.

While Logan likes many of his small toys, he LOVES his little elephant.

Another trip to the zoo!

Testing out my zoom lens. Love it!

Kyle can't get rid of that beard now.

Another treat from Grandma Neel. Perhaps Logan will be a pianist like his great grandma was.

Logan seems to be pondering Dad's musical number.
On April 4th, Logan fell asleep for the first time on his back by himself on his play mat. Sadly, he still hardly sleeps flat on his back at all.  He also started putting his hands in his mouth alot in April, making us suspect that he might be teething....but, no.  April was way too early for teeth, although he does have two bottom teeth coming in now (in late June).

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  1. Evan starting drooling just before he turned 3 months old and a lot of people told me he must be teething...he didn't get his first teeth for several months after that. Sadly, teething is a long process...and at times it will throw the sleeping and eating schedules you have finally just gotten worked out into chaos. But then it goes back to normal again. At least from what we've experienced so far. :)