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Where did May go?

Perhaps it is good that I am behind on my blog. Having to go through photos months later has given me a chance to relive those precious moments that are long gone. It also makes me appreciate our current time together even more.

Back to May...
Our first adventure of the month was the "Run for the Zoo". Our friend Tim came from Los Alamos to walk with us. We had a gathering of friends the night before that went all night and into the morning.  So with a few hours of sleep, the four of us slowly walked for the zoo. It was really neat to know that the zoo had 12,500 registered participants for the day!

Logan slept through the bus ride to the zoo and the whole walk.

 After the walk, we took Logan to the aquarium for the first time.

A few random shots from the first 10 days in May:

One of Logan's favorite toys is Scout, which is programmed with Logan's name for various songs it sings. As Logan grows we will be able to add Logan's favorite foods, colors, etc.

Kyle was watching over this exhausted group as we attempted to catch up on much needed sleep that we missed the night before.

Logan found his feet on the 10th. It didn't take long before they were in his mouth.

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  1. I think it's so cute when they grab their toes...and you're right about how it's nice to go back and relive the memories. Love seeing your updates! :)