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Goodbye 2015! Finally....

To finish off the year Logan and I visited the Santa Fe Children's Museum. We loved it. It is smaller than Explora in Albuquerque, but about an hour closer to us so we will definitely be visiting it more often.

classic pin table

Use different pulley points to pull yourself up.

Create your own flier for the wind tunnel.

Indoor tunnel play structure.

Mirror tunnel

Special winter exhibit: Electric train table.

Garden music area

sand pendulum

theater area

Build your own ball ramp. 
Finishing off with the lego table.

Spent the last day outside for a bit.

Frik says goodbye to 2015 too.

Our next event was going to be Logan's birthday party so here he is making party decorations: paper plate seahorses.

Well I am finally done with 2015. With a kitchen remodel around the corner I am not sure I will be able to catch up at all, but perhaps now that some of the major decisions on our kitchen are done I will get back to this... Probably not though. Only time will tell.


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Christmas Time

Santa did indeed come to our house! He and the rest of the family spoiled us rotten. For Logan it was a year of board games and Octonauts. I forgot to mention that Logan did decided to give toys to Santa so that Santa could fix them up and give them to other kids. I think he chose about 8 or 10 toys to give away. Super proud of him for making that decision. We left the old toys in our Santa bag and in the morning the old were gone and new toys were there!

Once Logan was done with his stocking he helped open up the rest. He and I did surprise stockings for everyone else. He helped me shop for everything and yes that is a can of soup. Who says stockings can't be practical?

Santa gave Logan Octonauts toys.

Just had to make sure the gift bag was totally empty.

Grandpa Jay gave Logan a bunch of games and that really launched what I will call the year of games.

Annual scratch tradition continued. 

Loved our homemade aprons from the Neel clan in Seattle.

Mom and Dad gave Logan a big boy bike. He is just now (May) starting to ride it. We did get some training wheels to help him get over his nervousness.

One more post and we can finally say goodbye to 2015. Being this far behind sure makes me realize how much I have already forgotten. Hopefully the pictures can remind me of most of it.
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Bring on the big guy!

It was almost time for the big guy to come visit. Just a few more days.

Before he came, we did have some furry visitors. Have not seen them at all for many months, now that summer is here.

Grandma Neel, Grandpa Neel and Uncle Lee came up for a few days and we did a lot with them.
Showing Grandpa our magnetic Xmas sensory bin.

Of course we had to do the daily asthma medication. So glad zyrtec along with Singular has since replaced his need for the nebulizer.

Uncle Lee gave Logan an early Xmas gift.

Of course there were video games to be played. Grandpa is the king of Tetris.

It does take a toll though. Frak was so happy to have a napping buddy.

It was finally Christmas Eve and we still had stuff to do before the day was done. Obviously cookies needed to be made and decorated.

Tradition demanded that Grandpa Keith read "Twas the Night Before Christmas" to his grandkids, Dagny, Calder and Logan.

Needed to get the annual tree photo.

Finished the day with some more video games. Looks like Peggle was the game for the evening.

A quick love rub from Logan to Grandpa.

Ralphie said goodbye and headed home.

We were now officially ready for Santa! We left out some cookies and a carrot to make sure he had happy travels around the world.