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May 2015 Phone Chronicles

Ok... this is really the last May post. Don't want to forget all that we captured on our phones.

Logan's preschool had a "playground improvement day". The parents all have to volunteer hours as part of our co-op school so I went to help paint and finish adding wood to this shed converted into a play house. This school has been great for Logan and me. We have made so many wonderful new friends. I am beyond happy to be there.

Kyle and Logan came too and played inside one of the classrooms for a while.

We took care of our neighbors chickens for the first time. I didn't even know they had chickens.

Frik and Frak attempted to intimidate our butterflies.

I went through Logan's toys and made quiet bins for his room. In an attempt to get him to have some down time each day since he doesn't nap. It works sometimes...

I've been working on this quilt for my mother-in-law.  The previous summer our family went for a reunion in Idaho and I had all of the grandkids and great-grandkids, who were there, tie-dye some fabric. (Thanks for the idea Kristin!) So this is another project I am behind on. I finally pinned it the other day so now I just need to actually quilt it and put the binding on.

Logan continued to be helpful with his new knives.

We played Octonaut (see the kids show) a lot. The beehive that I made turned into our Octopod and we found soft buddies to play all the roles. 

Frak also decided she liked the Octopod.

Here are my filled up shelves. It definitely helped my space, but I obviously have no room to grow.

Logan became friends with a neighbor kitty, Layla. He sees her a lot and unlike Frik and Frak, she likes to play with Logan.

He doesn't like to get his hands dirty, but shoes are another matter.

Not sure how a grape on top of pretzel affects other people, but it seems to have a great impact on Logan.

There we go. May officially done. I shouldn't have photos hiding anywhere else.


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Goodbye May!

Well I did it! I managed to stay only 5 months behind. Funny what things can give you joy. I can only imagine the joy I will have when I catch up. I apologize for any grammar errors or typos. I am doing this fast and furious so that I can go to bed. I have lots of Halloween decorating to do tomorrow and many pumpkins to carve.

We went to the zoo in May. Apparently I keep thinking that if I take more animal photos National Geographic will be calling. So here are some more animal photos from the zoo. 

You should have seen all the animals in this next exhibit. 

I also couldn't help taking lots of Jasmine photos. 


The zoo sells pretty good ice cream. Not that we get it often, but today was a good day for it. We waited in line and Logan told me he wanted vanilla. The girl in front of him turned around and told him they didn't have any vanilla. Well, that was the last straw on this late afternoon. Logan just fell to the ground sobbing. I tried to console him, but he wouldn't have any of it. I got up to see what else he might like and sure enough... there was vanilla. Thanks a lot little girl. Thanks a lot. After reassuring Logan that there was indeed vanilla we ordered a scoop of vanilla and a school of mint chocolate chip. I wasn't paying attention and the guy behind the counter put the vanilla under the mint chocolate chip. Yet another catastrophe! After many moments assuring Logan that the top ice cream was good, he attempted some. First by picking the chocolate bits out piece by piece. Then he caved in and tried it. Guess what... it was good ice cream.

On our way out we fed the ducks. That is by far one of Logan's favorite zoo activities. 

On our way home we picked up Grandma and Grandpa Neel. They came for a short visit, but it is always wonderful to have them. They joined us for Graduation at Logan's school. 

Logan's teachers Miss Tiff and Miss Amelia.

Some buddies Aamon, Nico, and Matthew.

After school it is almost always impossible to just leave. Logan just has to keep playing.

Back at the house there was some special Grandpa Keith time.

After Grandma and Grandpa Neel left us, we went back to trying to fill our days with whatever...
Loves the therapy pool for swim lessons, did not like his kiddie pool of cool water this summer.

This is the new Lite Brite. Not sure it is as cool as it used to be, but he likes it.
YAY! I finished May. Still only 5 months behind.