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February 2016

Apparently February was captured mostly on my phone vs my nice camera. It was also a month of crafts. Here is what we did for the whole month:

Digging in the park

Kitties watching it snow

Attempted homemade bread... a bit dense if I recall right.


Dad and Logan went on a hike.
Reviewing my Facebook feed showed me that Logan was super sick in February and his asthma meds didn't help him at all. This must have been one of our doctor visits.

This new game has you roll dice with letters on them and then color the corresponding picture that the word makes. Disregard the word on the front. We rolled the word on top.

Logan worked on his Valentines for school.

I'm going to guess he had a fever, but was improving in these pictures. Why else would he not have a shirt on in February. Look at that smile though.

Captures more of Frik and Frak this month too.

Lego time

Tested out our new Death Star waffle maker. 

Had a playdate to do a mock easter egg hunt. 

Apparently Logan can fit in his laundry bin.

Here was one craft. I sewed pockets onto these aprons for Logan's class.

February is a great sewing month since the weather looks like this.

The quilt I made for my mother-in-law. Made of tie dyed fabric from most of her grandkids.

Frak is my ever present crafting kitty.

Enjoyed some more crafts

Started working on a bunny door to attach to an outside tree for Easter. Got the idea off of Pinterest as always.

That is it. On to March.


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So long January 2016

After we left Grandma's house we spent an afternoon at Explora.

This is his favorite spot at Explora. He loves making creations with these blocks and they are always works of art.

Got his evil hand tapping going on. Not sure what he is considering for his next move.

Time to demolish it.

An image of myself in a drop of water.

For the last day of January we took a hike, but it ended pretty quickly as the boys discovered a melting ice area that needed their attention. They spent hours digging a channel for the water to go through the ice.

Well one month down. Yay!