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January 2016 - part 2

January is never dull. We finish one birthday and start thinking about another. Plus we have a ton of activities in between. 

The morning after his birthday party Logan is practicing pinning the patch on Kwazi.

Then we started our space theme at home so obviously I put on Cosmos and we made galaxy jars.

 We turned our submarine from the ccean theme into a space shuttle.

We made an Sun, Earth, Moon model and did some coloring.

Always time for a little lego kit.

Apparently we went to Hoots, which is a big bounce house place.

Found some time to do ice skating lessons at the outdoor rink here in Los Alamos. Sadly he didn't really like his lessons.

Enjoyed some birthday gifts. Here he is sawing through an egg to find a shark tooth.

Spent some time at our local nature center.

Always time to rough house at home too.

We made galaxy slime and this was the first time he actually enjoyed touching slime.

His class schedule from last year. He goes 8:30-12:30

A little kitty selfie.

Prepping for Grandma's birthday by working on the cake design.

Traveled to see Grandma for her birthday.

Loving her photo calendar gift.

Plenty of time outside in the snow with Grandpa and mom too.

Time to enjoy our cake.

I think January turned out to be a pretty good month for birthdays last year.


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