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Highlights from February

We started February with a gathering of college buddies to celebrate a birthday and play a few games together. Below is the campfire cake (again something I saw on Pinterest) that I made for Nathaniel.

One of our Wednesday afternoon music classes was canceled so Grandma, Grandpa Neel, Logan and I went to the aquarium instead. We had to race through it as we only had 30 minutes before closing time, but it was nice to be there when hardly anyone else was around.

Grandma Neel got this adorable pajama set for Logan for Valentine's Day.  We wanted to make sure it was accurate, so I had to add a little note at the bottom.

Logan has started to eat less solid food this month, or at least less variety. Not sure if he is getting picky or what.  However, if you put spaghetti in front of him, he will most certainly clean up his tray and spread sauce all over his face, chest and arms.

Aunt Leah and Cousin Calder came out for their annual spring visit. We were so glad Calder wanted to hang out for the day. We just played at home during the morning. In the afternoon we (Grandma and Grandpa Neel, Calder, Logan and I) headed to Logan's music class.

Logan sure did love spending time with Calder.
Calder was so sweet to Logan. He even spent some of his grade money to buy Logan a board book (one of Logan's favorite books now) for a late birthday gift. That was super generous of you, Calder!

Blowing out the star lights in preparation for our sleep song.
Some milestones for Logan:

1. His bottom molars came in. You might notice in his pictures that he is wearing an amber teething necklace.  Allegedly, it has gentle medicinal properties.  We were pretty skeptical, but we were willing to try anything to help relieve his teething pain.  He didn't have the necklace when he got his first teeth, and, by comparison, he seems to be handling his molars better. We're not sure if the improvement is due to the necklace, but we can't exactly run a controlled experiment either.  So we figure it can't hurt to stick with the necklace.

2. He signed his first word "milk" and now he signs it all of the time. He will even point to Kyle's chest and sign "milk". I do wish we had been doing more signs.  We have picked up the pace now, so I am hopeful that Logan will start signing more.  (He does verbally say a handful of words as well -- mama, cereal, cheese, kitty, ball, and car).

3. Logan waved for the first time to my friend Reyna, who had come down to spend the day with me. We got to have lunch, get massages and play with Logan. Reyna brought Logan some mega blocks and he plays with them all the time. Great gift Reyna!

4. Since Logan was very much into his blocks, he stacked them by himself for the first time in February.
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Bring on the music and another cake!

In January we started taking Logan to music class. He tends to watch everything for a while first, then occasionally participate.  His favorite part is sitting or standing in the middle of the room watching everyone around him. He loves it when the teacher takes out the drums or the large bag of other musical instruments. We do have to work on his willingness to share and to put things away though. (However, at the park the other day, a 6 year old girl said hi to him and he instantly wanted to share his ball with her. He was even upset that he couldn't give her the ball when she was playing in the play structure. It was the first time we have seen him share with other little kids.)

At home Logan loves to dance to music (which he sometimes does at class), and in January he learned to clap his hands.

To finish out the month, we celebrated Grandma Neel's birthday. We went out to lunch and finished the afternoon with a cake I made. I got the idea from the web and made the logo out of frosting. Anyone who knows my mom knows she loves Starbucks.


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A new year begins and Logan turns 1!

The days blend into weeks, and the weeks seem to fly by in the Wiens household. January was no exception.

He loves his popper. Now that he can move around the house freely, he sure can make a lot of noise when he takes his popper onto the tile.

Logan started hugging around Thanksgiving, and we are so thrilled that he still loves to hug.

We love spending sunny days at the park. Logan is getting better at walking every day, and he loves toppling around on the grass. (Currently he runs... You were right Pat, walking didn't last long.)

Logan turned one on January 8th. Since it was a week day, Logan and I spent the day much as we do most days. We played in the morning, took some naps, spent part of our afternoon at the park, and for a change we met Dad for dinner at Fan Tang, a favorite Asian fusion restaurant of ours.

On the 11th we celebrated Logan's birthday with Grandma and Grandpa Neel and Grandma Wiens.

Is there another toy in here for me?

Mom made me wear this outfit even though I am obviously too big for it. At least my diaper matches.

Here is Logan's 1-up cake from Mario Brothers. It wasn't as perfect as I was hoping for, but I think he liked it.

What's this?


Yes, I do believe I like that!

Ok, I'll smile for your silly hat shot.
 After cake it was back to the toys.

Ok Dad, we can figure this out.
We had hoped to spend part of the day at the aquarium, but Logan has been having difficulty napping, so we never found a good time to go. We did have a great time playing with all of his new toys though.