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Bring on the music and another cake!

In January we started taking Logan to music class. He tends to watch everything for a while first, then occasionally participate.  His favorite part is sitting or standing in the middle of the room watching everyone around him. He loves it when the teacher takes out the drums or the large bag of other musical instruments. We do have to work on his willingness to share and to put things away though. (However, at the park the other day, a 6 year old girl said hi to him and he instantly wanted to share his ball with her. He was even upset that he couldn't give her the ball when she was playing in the play structure. It was the first time we have seen him share with other little kids.)

At home Logan loves to dance to music (which he sometimes does at class), and in January he learned to clap his hands.

To finish out the month, we celebrated Grandma Neel's birthday. We went out to lunch and finished the afternoon with a cake I made. I got the idea from the web and made the logo out of frosting. Anyone who knows my mom knows she loves Starbucks.



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