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2014 Phone Chronicles Completed

Finally finishing 2014!

On December 6th we enjoyed our first Los Alamos light parade. The weather was pretty good and we thoroughly enjoyed the light up tubes provided by the local bank.

 Just a short video of the parade for anyone who might be interested.

At the end of the parade the city lights up the trees around the downtown pond. All in all you have to hand it to this town. Great evening for everyone.

Logan trying out his old winter hat that his Aunt Jennifer knitted for him. I may be biased, but I think he is pretty adorable.

Our annual Christmas pants. 

Finally a few photos of our girls, who have just turned 15.
Frik enjoying a peaceful moment.
Frak prepping for an evening on my lap.


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2014 Phone Chronicles

Well, not really all of 2014. Since I managed to do some phone images throughout the year in the blog, this is really just August and September and a few from after our move in November.

Date Night! Grandma came over and we went out for dinner and a movie. Oddly enough we ran into our good friend Rebekah and Joe on their date night. Couples night it turned into and we enjoyed "Guardians of the Galaxy" together.

Frik refused to be pushed aside by the computer.

Little man starting to like his tricycle, but he really starts loving it this April.

How can I resist photos of a little boy asleep in my lap. Doesn't happen often these days. 

Amazingly enough we had another date night. Funny enough, we shared it with Rebekah and Joe once again. Add two other couples: Kristin & Seth and Cara & Sean and we had quite a party. We all went to see the Avett Brothers in concert at the Santa Fe Opera. Perfect night for a tailgating party, great conversation and wonderful music.

Here Logan was trying out his Buzz Lightyear wings.

For those who want to geek over the Dr. Who quilt a little more, here are my glow in the dark stars, sewn over the fabric stars.

 Next up was my binding stitch. I know... sew exciting. haha.

Here Logan wanted to get into his stroller to go find another neighborhood boy in his stroller. I was shocked. Logan hadn't ridden in his stroller in forever.

2 minutes later he wasn't in the stroller anymore. 

At least our walk brought us by some beautiful flowers.

I took other photos of the Seattle Neel Clan visit, but obviously only one phone photo of my step-brother Brian at lunch.

Here Logan is too tired to be excited about his new tooth brush. We bought Mario too and that is what we use. Princess peach hardly ever leaves the cupboard.

Some days you just can't say no to a nap on the couch.

or on the carpet.
Frak is such a good kitty. She turned 15 this April.

Enjoying his tool bench.
He was sick, but we still put together his Lowe's firetruck.

These photos are the few after our move Nov 20th. 

I'm guessing this was our first visit to music class at the library. They offer it 3 times a week and we try to go regularly. Only this past week has he really gotten into it.

Mom was so happy to see these at the grocery store. Makes shopping so much easier.

I'll finish the Phone series later, but at least here are a few more photos.