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Leading up to Christmas

As usual, I fell behind. The holidays are so rough like that. At least I know I wasn't lounging around eating bonbons.

On the Sunday after Thanksgiving, we got our tree, but it took another week before we put up any ornaments. Here are my boys doing their part to trim the tree.

Next up was a cookie decorating party. Logan and a bunch of other toddlers (about 12 of them) got together to express their decorating styles. We rolled the dough, cut out the cookies, baked them and then decorated them. It was quite an experience. The house was full of sugared-up toddlers running around having a great time.

The decorating didn't end there. We had extra dough to bake at home so that Dad could join in on the fun.

One night we had a special rite of passage of a sorts for Logan. He was introduced to a dear family friend: Mario. Yes, let the video games come forth. Logan especially loved the tunnels (green pipes) that Mario could go into.

And, if our lives were not busy enough, I had a moment of weakness in the pet store and brought home Finn. Just what I needed, another animal to care for. He is quiet though, and beautiful.

Next up was an afternoon of more baking. We didn't make nearly as many treats for gifts as we usually do, but we managed to make a few. This new addition to the line up was great:  Rolos on pretzels with pecans. How can that be bad? I also had a fantastic helper, until he discovered that the Rolos were yummy. 

Logan started wearing everyone's shoes around the house. I love how his feet fill almost half of Grandma's shoes.

To finish off this post, here is Logan helping me with Kyle's birthday cake. He's smashing Oreos to make the "garbage" part of the cake.

It took me a long time to get the right figures for this cake, but it was worth it. I loved how it turned out. As with most things, I did get the inspiration off of Pinterest.

For Kyle's birthday, we visited him at work for the annual Christmas party. Then we took a little walk around the planes and helicopters on the Air Force base.