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Extra! Extra! Read all About it!

For those who want to know our fertility story: 

Not everyone knows that Kyle and I have been trying to get pregnant for 6 years now (Well, Kyle hasn't tried to get pregnant, but you know what I mean). We have jumped through many hoops, too. Kyle was tested twice and looked great (He's so pretty). So we switched the focus to me. I had tons of blood work taken and was on progesterone for a long time. I took my temperature for years. I had endometriosis surgery. Then we did an Intrauterine insemination. Nothing was working. When we first arrived in Massachusetts, I got on thyroid medication that my new fertility doctor thought might help. After some amazingly expensive blood work that was supposed to be inexpensive, I decided to leave my fertility place, but continued the thyroid medication. My next thought was to seek out acupuncture, as every fertility place here seems to have an acupuncture partner. My web research seemed to suggest that many people had been having luck with acupuncture. I called around and spoke to a few acupuncturists. Since I was looking to improve my health overall, thinking that might improve my fertility odds, they recommended Chinese herbs. They said herbs would be more beneficial than acupuncture in my situation. So, with nothing to loose, I started seeing a Chinese Herbalist 8 weeks ago. I gave up caffeine and switched to 100% water. I see my herbalist every week and get herbs specific to where I am in my cycle. I continued to chart temperature and other body functions. We got a digital ovulation kit that tested LH (luteinizing hormone) and Estrogen too. Well, apparently that was all we needed. On May 2nd we tested positive, and that afternoon my blood work confirmed it. We are still very early in the pregnancy (only 3 weeks in). Apparently there is about a 20% chance of miscarriage through the first 8 weeks and then it should drop to about 5%. If we make it through the first trimester we should be good to go. That is our story. It was a long road, and we are so glad that we have been able to see that plus sign on our pregnancy stick.


  1. Congratulations!!! I am so very happy for you and will be praying for the health of your little one.

  2. Chuck and I are very excited and happy to hear your wonderful news! We will be praying and thinking of you.

  3. Congratulations!!! We will be saying prayers, crossing fingers AND toes for you and your new little miracle!
    - Lauren & Doug

  4. That's so great! Congratulations. - Jason Ralph

  5. Congratulations.We are so happy for you.

    Janet and Denis from Germany

  6. Wow! Congratulations. I always thought you just didn't want to have any kids so that is great. We're anxious to see you when you get back to ABQ. Sounds
    like you've been having a great time back East though.