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Turning over a new leaf

While October is my favorite month this particular October also brought on a new hardship. On October 2nd Kyle left his job at the Air Force Research Laboratory. He started his new Los Alamos National Labs job on October 6th. So Logan and I said good-bye to Dad every Sunday night as he drove up to Los Alamos for the week. This went on until we moved on November 20th. I was so lucky to have my mom and step-dad around to help me, but it sure was hard to have Kyle drive away every week. We did make the best of most weekends. After all, there were lots of fun October things to do.

Here is my recipe for happy moments in October:

Step 1: If you have a toddler who is bored and you need to do dishes, just give him/her a bowl of suds. Then don't do your dishes and instead take lots of photos.

Step 2: Head outside and paint those small pumpkins that were brought home from the last pumpkin patch. If you are bold you paint them with 4 paint brushes at one time.

 Step 3: Have some dear friends visit from Denver for the Balloon Fiesta.

We were so excited for Logan to meet Don and see Aunt Jenny again. They were checking the Balloon Fiesta off their bucket list. Sadly the weather didn't cooperate, but at least we should get to see them again next year.

Step 4: Give some die hard Bronco fans special Christmas gifts early so they can snuggle during each game. Not sure why Don isn't in this photo. Aunt Jenny has to share that blanket with him.

Step 5: Drop your toddler off at school and go out to eat in Old Town. However, don't eat at La Hacienda. They were amazingly slow and got our orders wrong.

Step 6:  Venture out to your nearest science museum and see just how big you can make bubbles.

Test different light colors.

Don't forget to practice shape stacking.

Step 7: Go home and challenge Grandma to a ring toss game. However you may want to stand behind the line to toss your ring and not follow Logan's example.

Then toss on your mask and cape and run in circles.

Step 8: Finish your week with another pumpkin patch trip.

Race ducks.

Climb the biggest tire you can find.

Grab a spot in the corn box.

Decide if the corn box is too busy for you or not.

Catch a ride on the tractor train.

Walk along a netted bridge.

Enjoy the slides.

Find a good spot to watch the pumpkin launcher.

Step inside your perfect home. At least until others decide it is perfect too.

Try something new. Here Logan is showing you how to just sit on a bouncer until you are sure it is something you want to really do. This took about 10 minutes.

Still testing.

... and testing.

Here is a new test.

You can see Logan getting bounced up, so I think this position was a win.

Next step is to test the knees.

Now you may get up and try to bounce yourself.

You too can find joy in the bouncer if you follow these steps.

Then when you can jump no more, just lie down and wait for someone to come get you.

Then find the strength to do a few more things. 

Try that again... run, jump and be tossed. Do it till Dad can do it no more.

To re-energize go enjoy some homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies you made with mom. Plus some other healthy snacks, but who really cares about those.

Grab the hay ride to the pumpkin patch... continue eating.

Now go discover the perfect pumpkin.

Make sure you don't miss the tractor ride back to the car.

Finally catch a ride, with your perfect pumpkin, back to the car and head home.

Those are our steps to great memories for a week in October.