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Let the October festivities begin!

I am a huge October fan. The weather is great, recipes call for pumpkin, and there are so many fun activities to take part in. I would also wager that October constitutes a huge amount of my annual photos. Therefore there will be many October posts. This post covers October 2nd and 3rd.

On the 2nd, Kyle's parents, Dewey and Betty, came through town. We spent the evening enjoying the weather and throwing a ball around for Katie, their Scotty.

Their visit was right before the Balloon Fiesta opening weekend. I really want to take Logan some day, but boy am I not a morning person. I'm not really a crowd person either, so we have yet to go. However, this year I had learned that about 25 Albuquerque schools were going to be launching balloons on the 3rd. Lucky for us, the elementary school right next to our house was one on the list. So we all got up early, bundled up, grabbed coffee and donuts and headed out to see a hot air balloon up close.

Oh do we love cream filled doughnuts!

Here, let me hold that doughnut for you.

Logan and Dad watching them fill the balloon.

Dad explaining what makes the balloon rise.

At this point, Logan said "I want to ride in that."

It was a super cold morning, but I am glad Dewey and Betty were able to join in on the fun.

After seeing the balloon, Dewey and Betty headed home. We decided to head on over to the Grace Pumpkin Patch. It is a free play area for kids. Any pumpkin proceeds go to a youth ranch. Logan fell asleep on the way, but once he woke up he sure had fun.  We attempted this last year, but the wind was horrible. However, this year the weather was perfect.

Oops. Try again...

...and again.

I think you finally figured it out!

Logan could have launched balls for the rest of the day.

We did manage to get him to move on to other activities, but it sure took a lot of persuading.

He only picked a few pumpkins (I think we had 6) for us to take home. At least he is pulling them.



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