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Dr. Who visits the Neels

This was the big project I had been working on. It is a Dr. Who quilt. I made it for my Step-brother's family for Christmas. Every year we give homemade gifts to each other for the holidays. It has been a fun tradition that started out with just some home baked goodies one year and has just continued on. We have given each other food, music, homemade lip balms, oil spritzes, even a lamp that Brian made for Kyle (which I stole for my craft room, much to Kyle's chagrin). Back to the quilt. When I saw the pattern on Pinterest a long time ago, I knew one day I would have to make it. After all they seemed to be big Dr. Who fans (perhaps some more than others over the years). Well this was the lucky year. My two wonderful friends, Rebekah and Kristin are quilters. We started having girls sewing nights together (so we could all escape our mom responsibilities) and the next thing I know I have decided to take the plunge. I had great coaches to help me get through it. Anyway, I was working crazy hard to get it done because Brian, Jennifer and Rowan came to visit in September and I had hoped to give it in person. I finished it the night before I gave it to them. I am super proud of it. One thing that you can't see from any of the pictures below is that my quilting is made up of stars sewn with glow in the dark thread. The windows and outline of the Tardis are outlined in glow in the dark thread too. Looked super cool in my dark closet. Now if I only had the energy to make one for myself, as I ended up being a Dr. Who fan too.

The side panels are space themed if you can't tell from the photos.

Here is the back, framing out space images.

I used a star stitch for the binding and you can see one of my quilting stars just on top of the planet.
Now to some visit photos. Sadly I was captured by the moments and didn't take hardly any photos. Logan loved playing with Aunt Jennifer up at Grandma and Grandpa Neel's house.

The next day everyone came over for brunch, which was super late (sorry guys). We had pumpkin pancakes and gluten free donuts, which were not too bad (thanks Rowan).

Then the presentation of the gift. It was so much fun to see their reactions. Of course they are forbidden to ever get rid of it. I should have made them sign a contract before giving it to them ;)

One last thing Jennifer and Rowan did before leaving was go through Kyle's old comics. So what do I find after everyone has left...
That is one box of many.

Logan is taking each card out of their protective sleeves.



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