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Goodbye August

I forgot to mention in my last post, that in my attempt to catch up I will be sans editor. This means that my posts will be full of grammatical errors, misspellings, etc. However it ensures that the second I am done writing that I can post it. So if you are super into grammar, I recommend printing this out and going to town with a red pen.

Logan attended another birthday party. His buddy Elliott turned 3 and had a beach themed party. Logan interacted pretty well at this party. Perhaps it was because the kids were all around the same age. Or perhaps it was because Logan had been to Elliott's house before. However, he also enjoyed time alone with various toys.

Our next adventure included a special delivery.

We practiced a lot to surprise Dad after work.

Then we spent some much needed time with my friend Kristin, her daughter, Zeala, and son, James at their house. Kristin is a new friend this year, but one that I know I will have my whole lifetime. I am so happy to have found her (Thanks Rebekah!). The day was great. I only wish I would have been taking more pictures. 

That night we went out for pizza with Dad at Il Vicino.
Logan loved Jessie from Toy Story. I often brought her along.

Trying to stay on the white lines.

"I'm coming mama!"

Next up was an outing to the Lowe's Build and Grow. Thanks to my friend Yadéeh for introducing me to them. We managed to go to 2 before we moved. I hope we can go to many more in the future. They give you a little hammer, goggles, the toy kit and all you need to build your item. We are building a little robot here.

Next up was a birthday party for my friend Rebekah's daughter, Evie. As per usual, Logan would not interact with anyone until cake was served. Although, once cake was over, the huge bounce house had been delivered and Logan found some time to be in it with the little kids during the piñata period. 

Here we are hoping to enjoy some of our okra from the garden. Sadly I constantly harvested too late and the okra was super chewy. Now I know not to let them grow more than 2" long, but I have no idea if they will grow up here in Los Alamos.

A quick trip to Los Alamos for the house inspection. I only took a couple photos of the back yard. Going to be super pretty in the summer. 

Finally we had a visit from my step-sister Leah, her husband Tom and their son, Calder. Every time they visit Calder spends a day with Logan. He is a great cousin and Logan loves spending time with him.



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