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Little friends

On the 12th of September I took Logan to Explora (Albuquerque's Children's Science Museum, assuming you have not figured that out from previous posts.) for a play date with his best friend from school, Carsten. These two boys have soooo much fun together. Every day that we went to school Logan would ask if Carsten would be there that day. Sadly this was our only play date with him before we moved. However, it was a great one.

There was so much to do inside, but the boys decided to play outside 90% of the time.

Trying to decide if they should tempt trouble by going upstairs.

Such a dramatic moment. If I recall correctly Carsten accidentally hurt Logan.

Carsten is about 4, but he was a very premature baby and is socially younger than 4.

Here is my little sewing friend. I had a major project I was working on and Frak was always nearby. I'm sure she was inspecting my work.

Another trip to the park. Who can resist when it was just a few blocks from us and has spectacular views.

Serious contemplation going on here.

Now I have his attention.

This boy LOVES to swing.



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