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To pacify or not to pacify... that is the question.

One day, Kyle got out the pacifiers. Logan had been pretty fussy the previous week and Kyle thought perhaps the pacifiers would help. He went about prepping them and left them on the counter that Sunday night. I mentioned that I had hoped to hold out a while longer to ensure that breastfeeding was well establised. Well, come thew next day Logan was unconsolable and I quickly reached for a pacifier. After all they were clean and right there. So much for holding out. Here is what Logan emailed to Dad later that afternoon:

Thanks Dad!
Mom resisted most of the day and had decided she would introduce the
clean pacifiers next week, but I was so fussy all afternoon that she
caved in. I love it! Thanks for cleaning a few for me. (picture attached)


I have been told that we are really lucky that Logan took the pacifier. I didn't even realize that some children won't take a pacifier. He doesn't take it all of the time, but when he takes one I sure am glad we have them.

The pacifier helped many fussy moments, but only occasionally did it help diaper changes. Most of the time there are many tears during the diaper changing process. We have never figured out why (my guess is that he was either tired or cold), but thankfully Logan is slowly getting better about them. For a time he loved looking at his name on the wall. Notice that he also has his pacifier here:
I had to take a picture of Logan's first time in his crib. He really hates being on his back still, so he never sleeps in his crib. We have high hopes that someday he will spend more time in it. For now we have started using it as an occasional diaper changing station so that he can watch his mobile (see last photo), which seems to pacify him somewhat during the diaper changing experience.
Here are a few more random photos we wanted to share:
Daddy's favorite pajamas. Sadly, Logan has already outgrown them.
Often you will see at least one kitty with me and Logan. Being on my lap wasn't enough for Frik though. She wanted to be side by side with Logan.
 I can't resist posting some more photos of the nursery. I am so happy with the way it turned out.

I made the baby mobile out of paper lanterns that I have had for years. The wood animal cutouts were decorations from the baby shower that Suzi threw for me (Thanks Suzi!). Logan really seems to love the mobile. He will stare at the lanterns till they stop moving and then he starts to fuss, letting us know that we need to push them around again.
View from Logan's perspective.
I know that Logan's room makes it look like he is completely spoiled. I won't lie, he is spoiled, but I can gladly say that a lot of the items in the room have been purchased second hand.


  1. Josh and Carly both used to cry getting their diapers changed. Logan is probably cold and that is a lot of sensation to hit a little person all at once. Don't worry, it gets better!

  2. I love your nursery! You should be proud..it's beautiful! And I love that the cats are so snuggly with you and Logan! So cute!

  3. Oh, yeah. There are definitely babies who will not take a pacifier. Ours was one. But she is a major thumb sucker. At least you can take the pacifier away when they get too old! ;)