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First visit by Grandpa Johnson

My father moved to Phoenix in December and was unable to visit until February. However, the delay gave Logan time to prep for this historic visit.
Quite often Logan demands to be held during dinner. Of course, we prefer that he quietly sit in his bouncer. Needless to say, he is in my lap most of the time.
Frak getting some lap time in.
Since Dad drove to Albuquerque, he was able to bring the newest addition to his family, Freeway. She was found outside of Disneyland running on the freeway. My cousin's rescued her and convinced my Dad to take her. She is such a sweety.

We wanted to share our typical Logan life with my father, so we had to include a bath during his visit.
Logan showing off his Mr. Serious face, which is his favorite expression.
We also went for a walk since the weather was pretty nice. Kyle and I walked a bit farther than Grandpa Johnson and Grandpa Neel. When we returned, we caught them enjoying the view from our local park.
So much attention wore him out.


  1. The way you look at your son Julie, it's just magical. What a lucky boy!

  2. Logan is so gorgeous! So many great photos! I am very familiar with that bath scene too...John is the primary bath-giver here, and we always do it in our blue baby tub on the kitchen counter. Someday soon, though, when Evan can sit up better we'll migrate to the actual bathtub. :)