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4th of July

This past 4th of July we were so lucky to be in Boston. All weekend they have festivities, and while we didn't partake in as much as we should have, we did hit what I would consider the top two events. We didn't even have to go alone. Long time family friends, Jim and Kay, from NM, and our new friend Wellesley joined us.

On the 3rd, the Boston Pops and other celebrities that perform on the 4th, do a dress rehearsal. If you get there early enough, you can be one of the lucky ones to get inside the gated area to watch the performance that night. We got there so early that we had time for a little walk along the river.
Afterwards we sent the guys on a very long walk to fetch us Regina's pizza and Mike's pastries for the evening, while the rest of us stood in line to get into the gated area for the concert. They barely made it back in time.

This ended up being the last time we had food from Regina's and Mike's before the move to NM.
We had great seats for the evening!
The Pops were spectacular and the guest star of the evening was Martina McBride.

Only a few thousand get inside the gated area.
On the 4th, Jim, Kay, Kyle and I headed down to the opposite side of the river from the previous night to watch the full fireworks display. All along the river they have speakers set up so you can enjoy the concert happening across the river. At one point during the show they play random music and all around us people joined in to sing along with Neil Diamond and other artists.
The show lit up the buildings across the river. The river itself was full of spectators on all sorts of boats, event small kayaks. It was a great experience that I hope I never forget.
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Graduation and New York City

Near the end of June we were lucky enough to be able to attend my niece, Dagny's, high school graduation in New Jersey. It was definitely the fanciest graduation I have ever been too. The rain made it impossible to hold graduation as the school would have liked, but it was still beautiful. The women all wore white dresses, while the men wore white dinner tuxes. All of the women received a dozen red roses.

After graduation the grads went out to dinner at a country club, while the families took a quick tour of the graduation party location. All students who attend the graduation party are locked in all night long, but who wouldn't want to be. There was a casino, dance stage, pin ball machines and of course food to chow on throughout the night. Their entry even had an ice sculpted front desk.

The next day my parents, Kyle and I headed into NYC to walk the main drag and visit central park. The park is so much bigger and more beautiful than I thought it would be.
There was an amusement park right in Central Park. Not sure if it is there all of the time, but they certainly have the space for it.
We headed for the zoo, as Kyle and I love zoos.
 Not all of the animals were happy it was late June:
I just loved the glimpses of NYC throughout the park.

The zoo was even better than we thought it would be. If you ever get the chance, visit the oasis that Central Park is right in the heart of the city. You'll be pleasantly surprised how quickly the city disappears.