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2013 Projects

This post is really just for me. I wanted to list all of the projects I have completed since moving in mid-May. It will help me remember what I did. It also makes me feel a little bit less of a slacker if I put it all down in print.

Crocheted slippers for my friend Reyna. I got the pattern off of Ravelry.

Our back yard, had built in benches, but they were pretty rough so I built the green seat covers to keep splinters at bay.
Used Valspar Exterior Satin Emerald Isle 6004-6B from Lowe's.

The big project of the year was Logan's swing set. We got it off of craigslist for $100. I sanded, painted and figured out how to put it together. It was like a gigantic puzzle.
Used flat Valspar Exterior Cowboy Hat 3010-8 from Lowe's. Nex time perhaps eggshell.

Installing sod with Kyle. We are renting, but it made a huge difference in the back yard and was well worth it.
We got Reveille sod from Just Sprinklers. Love this sod.

Apparently I didn't take a "Finished" photo so this photo from mid-February will have to do.

Sandbox addition to Logan's swing set. Used "Natural Sand" from Home Depot.

 Bookshelves for Logan's room. I got the design from Pinterest.

I redid our guest room to make it more of a craft room and open it up by getting rid of the queen bed. I built the wood shelf behind the pillows along the back wall. This was my inspiration for the bed layout.

This desk project isn't complete. I want to paint the filing cabinets and put either paper or fabric on the drawer faces, switch out the handles and remove the label area. I did the wood top of the desk out of oak plywood. I also want to make curtains for the room to match my pillows.

Here is our "Baby Gate" although it is really used to keep Frik and Frak downstairs at night. I designed it based on a simple barn door idea. Simple copper piping and a core door on wheels.

A girl also needs to have an organized tool section in her garage so I put up some shelves and the peg board, which I obviously painted green. 

My fall project was a felt pumpkin for Logan. I took a small apparel pin design I saw on Pinterest and increased the size until it was large enough. That gave me the rough outline. It is also a bag to hold the felt pieces too.
 Lots of felt face pieces to make various jack-o-lanterns.

Since I love Halloween I enjoy adding to my plethora of decorations. I saw this yarn web on Pinterest and decided it needed to be a glow in the dark web for the front porch. Turned out great.Was a little hard to move outside, but well worth it.

Kyle's Halloween costume: The man in the yellow hat from Curious George.

My friend Reyna's baby shower "Guess the Sex" game. I designed the cards, tie and bow clips and board.

I built a bookshelf for our reading room. In the first photo I am showing how I used oak plywood and added the veneer to the edges.
I got my inspiration from here.

Here are the quiet book pages I made as part of a quiet book exchange. Only had to make 16 of each page.
Move the bee through each numbered flower to the bee hive. Pattern here.

I Spy bags. Inspiration here.

The card has pictures on both sides showing what you can find in the bag

A Facebook post led to this shirt for one of my nephews. Who knew painting on a t-shirt could be so easy using freezer paper and your printer.

I was long overdue for a batch of lip balm. I am proud of the label I made for Firefly fans out there. For non-fans it says "Serenity Now", Serenity being the name of the ship. That can also be Seinfeld reference.

Then I made lip balm holders. I discovered a way to print onto fabric. The print will even stay on after washing the fabric. I designed each layout below. The only photo I am missing is of the one that had photos of Logan on it.

Before washing
After Washing, only the red ran a little.

Here are the finished holders and some phone purses I made out of my step-dad's ties. 

Shows how each one has a back photo too.

I'm super proud of this pot holder. It is my own design. Definitely could use some improvements, but I still love it.

Family flannel pants. Here is the basic sewing process I used.

 Felt Tree and Ornaments for our Advent calendar.

Birthday watches for my mom. I made a lot of bands to go through the watch faces. One picture I am missing here is of one made out of beads. I'll capture that for next year.

That's it. Those were my projects from mid-May to mid-January. Of course, it took me 2 months to unpack so I would say these projects really cover mid-July to mid-January. Oops, I guess you can count my cakes as projects too...


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