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Winter festivities continue

When it is cold outside you sometimes have to make your own indoor playground.

Or take a nap or two.

Then again, perhaps it is best to just borrow a bunny for some winter fun. Rosie, Logan's classroom bunny, came to stay with us for the winter break. She proved to be a challenge, but fun to have hopping around the house.

Logan and I spent an afternoon in Albuquerque visiting the aquarium and going to the River of Lights at the botanical gardens. Sadly he just didn't have the energy for the lights. We saw a few and went home.

Logan opened up his Christmas gift from Uncle Tim and we had a great time putting together the Star Wars Lego kit! Uncle Tim knows us so well.

I finished up some DIY Christmas gifts in time to get them in th email.
Cork hot pad and cable holders. 

Pocket scarf

neck scarf

Almost done with 2015!