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Happy Halloween

May you all enjoy Halloween as much we did.

A few houses called everyone in the family to come see Logan and me. I think his outfit was a hit.

Meet Boris. He's the newest edition to our spooky family.

Han shot first!


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Let the blogging resume (August)

My new goal is going to be to get caught up with this blog by Thanksgiving. Not sure if I can do that, but I figure that if I set a goal I'm more likely to get the blog done than if I just attempt to blog here and there. I'm sure I will have to give up some sleep (like I am right now) to get it done. If you knew what kind of sleep I was getting these days I'm sure you would appreciate the sacrifice.

Here are just a few photos to get through August 1st through the 10th. Sorry for all of you who might wish I would include more text in my posts. I'm not much of a writer and I often feel like the photos are much more important than anything I would write.

Logan loved his cantaloupe.

These photos are from the same day we went and had our pictures taken by the professional. I had Kyle take a few more of me and Logan since I had my hair done, which I don't think has happened since this day in August. As you can imagine, Frak wasn't too excited about our little photo shoot.

Logan's first sippy cup. He doesn't use it that much to drink from, but he loves chewing up the soft spout.

A few photos from one of our Friday zoo concert outings.

On August 10th Logan started doing two new things. He started saying mmmmum mmmum. Not sure that he really associated that with Mom, but it was still fun to hear. He also started lifting up his hips for the first time into the crawl position. He started crawling 18 days later. Not bad huh?

That's it for tonight. Goal set and the first blog towards that goal complete. Yay!