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Boston Museum of Science

Now that the weather is limiting our adventures, we are starting to take in some museums in Boston. We started with the Science Museum. It is on the Charles River bridge. The day was nice enough for us to walk from the subway station along the river to the museum.
the brown building is the museum.
The museum is huge. We certainly didn't get to see everything, and that is with spending 6 hours there. We did take a long time enjoying this piece of art. Looks like an extravagant roller coaster set up. The bottom section had billiard balls rolling around various tracks. Each ball setting off various items in motion. One of my favorite sections was when a ball would roll down a xylophone, creating some music.
We also look in the live animal show where they introduce three different animals each day. I didn't take a picture of the boa, but here are the other two animals:
Great horned owl.
I loved the porcupine. She would walk (or really shuffle) back and forth across the table following the bowl of squash that her handler had.
Another animal that I didn't take a picture of was the baby chicken in an incubator about to hatch out of his egg. We went by many times to see if he had left his shell, but after a full 24 hours of trying to break free, he was still in it.
The dinosaurs were ready for winter.
The triceratops below, Cliff, is 1 of 4 almost complete fossils in the world.
Another favorite part of the museum for me was this thermal infrared camera. I could finally show Kyle how cold my hands really are all of the time. Notice how they are blue/green ad Kyle's hands are white. Blue was the far end of the cold spectrum. I had just had my hands on a hot plate and they instantly went from white to blue. you can see how my palm is still a little white.
 Our last stop in the museum was a familiar site:
This little boy would jump and holler when the ball would go in front of him.
We ended the day by walking to Boston Commons and watching a little bit of the ice skating. I doubt we will ever do this ourselves, as the lines are incredibly long. It is neat to see so many people out enjoying what winter has to offer.


  1. So, I am a phonetic speller. Luckily, my personal editor came home and fixed the porcupine. Thanks sweety.

  2. Damn, I was really looking forward to posting a lengthy comment making fun of how you spelled porky pine. Oh well, I can wait until you slip up again...