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Family Outings (July)

Grandma and Grandpa Neel and I took Logan to the Botanical Gardens in July. The last time I had been there was when Kyle and I were dating. I couldn't even recognize the place. They have done a fabulous job expanding it over the years.

Kyle and I had planned to spend many more days at the public pool this summer, but we only went once. The only public indoor pool is on the West side of town so it isn't close to us. It is great for Logan though as it has a shallow section for babies. Logan was his usual observant self most of the time. When he is in a new environment he pretty much just watches everything quietly. He did seem to enjoy it though.

We were also lucky enough to have Kyle's sister Deneen come up from Alamagordo just to see Logan. Since she came up on a Friday we went to the zoo concert, which we did almost every Friday this summer. 

Here are just a few cute photos I had to share.

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Play Time (July)

Logan changes every day, but he still loves his cups and rings. He is constantly getting them out. He loves having them stacked for him so he can knock them over. I think he is usually trying to just gently grab one off of the stack, but they all topple over.

 Kyle spent time trying to teach Logan to crawl. Not sure that was a wise decision. Logan learned to crawl in August and life has certainly changed with that achievement.  More on that later.

In July he learned to tip over his toy bins to pull out whatever he wanted to play with.

Logan is a very happy baby. The only times he seems to be upset is if he is teething or needing a nap. He really hates to sleep. It is a struggle every day.

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Logan sure is a messy eater (July)

Life sure seems busy with a little crawling machine. I'll try to post as much of July as I can while he naps.

Here are photos of his Baby Led Weaning for the month. It sure is a messy process, but Logan seems to love it. We do give him standard stuff like yogurt, tomato soup and some baby food too. However, he seems to be really engaged when we give him food we are eating. As you will see, I'm not sure a bib protects much. Most of the time I just let him eat naked. Sometimes we hose him off in his bumbo chair and sometimes he just goes straight into a bath.

Curry Broccoli


Tofu chocolate pudding after a swim at the Sullivan's home. Thanks Pat & Tom! This was his second time in a pool.