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Sea Kayaking!

Today, Kyle and I drove to the North Shore again for a sea kayaking tour of Ipswich Bay. To our amazement, we were the only two people on the tour. The weather was overcast and perfect. Our guide, Marina, is in Ipswich for the summer, but calls Newfoundland, Canada her home. Kyle was also born in Newfoundland, so that created a connection right away.
We pulled into a little cove by this lighthouse for a break.
Kyle took this photo!

After our tour was over, we went to lunch at Causeway (recommended by our guide), near Gloucester. It is a Bring Your Own Liquor establishment, but wisely someone set up a liquor store next door. Kyle bought an IPA beer, and then we got in the long line for the restaurant. We waited about 30 minutes outside before we were seated, but (compared to the line at the Clam Box of a previous weekend), this place was worth the wait. You wouldn't believe the portions. I had seafood marinara with squids, scallops, shrimp and mussels. It could have fed four people. The place doesn't look that nice from the outside, and it has a beat up diner feel inside, but he food was great. We will definitely have to go back.


  1. I can't believe that such a picky eater would eat squid, scallops and mussels. You are brave. No way would I be able to eat that. I knew that Kyle was born in Canada but I didn't know that he was a goofy Newfie. Have you been to Newfoundland? We went there when I was 18 and it is very pretty. My Papa was from Halifax so we toured the whole Eastern side of Canada as a great big family reunion. Sounds like you guys are having such a great time. I am so happy for you to be out of Lubbock.

  2. You guys just have too much fun. Quite a change from Texas huh!

  3. Very cool! I am so excited that you guys are "near" and that we will likely get to see you more. :-)