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Salem - not what we expected

Back on August 27th, Kyle and I drove to Salem, MA. Sadly the traffic was slow, but we made it and began to walk around town. Salem has what looks like a cute downtown area, but we didn’t notice a ton of cute stores. Mostly tourist stores for t-shirts and other misc junk. Of course, if you want to have your palm read, talk to someone about tarrot cards or even participate in a seance, this is your town. Every other store seemed to cater to these kinds of needs. We know Salem has an interesting history, but for some reason we just were not into museums for the day, so we opted to just walk around town. We did see the outside of the House of Seven Gables:
Then we headed for lunch at what looked like a promising establishement:
The food wasn’t the greatest, but their Sangria was excellent. After lunch we walked to the pier, which we had visited before lunch. We had decided that we were going to take a ride on this:
We purchased our tickets, then realized that wasn’t the ship we had tickets for. The web image looked almost the same, but our ship was smaller. Live and learn. So, we jumped on board our ship, Fame, and off we went on our harbor cruise.
We did decide that we were glad our tickets were not for this ship:
Julie even got to be part of the crew.   She hoisted the “jib”.
Then the hunt ended as we found the Red October. We have notified the government and are officially heroes.
However, Kyle did declare war on the other “fancier” boat while on our cruise:
Not sure we will be invited back after that. 

Following the cruise, we had dinner at the Salem Brew Company.  Food was great and (according to Kyle) so was the beer.

All in all, Salem wasn’t what we thought it would be, but we had a good time.


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