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Portland, Maine - Awesome

One Sunday, the 28th, we got in the car again and headed to Maine. We had heard from many people that Portland was the place to visit. I wish someone would have told us not to go on the 28th. The traffic was horrible. Turned out there was an air show in NH, right along our route. What was supposed to be a 2 hour trip took over 3.75 hours. Thank goodness they have good NPR on the East coast. It entertained us the whole way, and I think prevented Kyle from going postal (He hates traffic). We finally arrived in Portland and instantly loved it. The drive into the downtown section brings you to this gorgeous church and some parks. I had read about a craft fair happening that day, hence why I wanted to go. Once we found parking, we took our picnic to the craft fair.
We sat on the grass next to the band stage. We missed most of the music, but enjoyed our picnic regardless. Then I perused the craft fair quickly (it was small). The rest of the day was spent wandering around town.
This place is adorable. Lots of shops, which I did not drag Kyle into this time. Then we made it down to the harbor and found a trail. We walked along it enjoying the day, passing a little scenic train station, the beach where people were playing with their pets and a group of older ladies playing scrabble by the shore.

We finished off our day at a restaurant on the water, with a view similar to this:


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