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Obsessed with Cake

I have been sucked into Food Network. One of my favorite shows is Ace of Cakes. I love watching the elaborate cakes that they make. So, of course, I had to add cake-making to my list of never ending hobbies. After one failure at a fondant recipe, I tried a new recipe and made my first fondant cake. It isn’t the prettiest cake, but it was my first attempt.
I was going for an artistic look… I obviously still have a ton to learn. To help me along in my new hobby, Kyle got me my first standing mixer for my birthday! "How romantic" (said Kyle).

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  1. I LOVE Ace of Cakes! I like decorating cakes, too. But I've never tried working with fondant--they make it look so easy on AoC! This looks really good, Julie! Nice job!