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Last few days in Idaho

Well, I managed to not get this post up before our move and 2.5 weeks have already flown by at our new house. We have managed, with the help of my mom, to get many rooms in working order. There are a few boxes here and there and the garage is a mess, but it is livable. Kyle spent 3 days raking up leaves and our yard looks great. Now that we are in decent shape, I wanted to spend a few moments to get this post out there. Once again, no grammatical editing and it will have minimal text so that I can at least unpack one box while Logan naps.

The next day of our journey found Kyle fully functional and no sign of food poisoning. Yay! The family had another huckleberry picking expedition planned. Kyle had never gone picking before so Logan and I found ourselves back at the patch we had visited the other day. Another new face had shown up too. Our nephew Chris finally arrived to join in on the vacation.

He sure knows how to smile for the camera.

I honestly don't recall what everyone else was doing while we played a little frisbee with Katie. Perhaps they were eating, but shortly thereafter they all showed up to throw a ball around in the lake. I think the craft of the day was little boats made of aluminum mini-loaf pans, foam for the sails, a stick and clay to hold the sail in place. Worked ok until the insides got wet then the sails had some trouble, but still fun to make.

Full family dinner that night!

The next day I had brought some fabric for the kids to tie dye and some shirts as well. Everyone got involved, although Logan wouldn't sit with the kids to do his shirt.

The next day found us all at Kyle's sister's cabin for Huckleberry pancakes! Oh yay! So wonderful. We spent more time in the water and the tie dye stuff was ready to be washed and worn.

They were pretty proud of their creations, and they should have been. Great job boys.

Kyle's sister's cabin! Just a short walk from his parents' cabin.

Parents' cabin is blue, the brown one belongs to Aunt Phyllis and Uncle Ed.
That afternoon wasn't my best day ever. The ladies wanted to take the little Logans into town to do some pottery, while most of the men went fishing. I had a very hard time in this store with Logan. He just wanted to touch everything and would not listen when I ask him not to. I should have had more patience and I hope I did't ruin it for the others, but I think I blew a gasket in here. Luckily they all knew what to do. They sent me off to have dinner with Kyle, while they took Logan out for ice cream and a trip to a park. Kyle and I have not had many dates at all since Logan was born so it was a wonderful break.

Cynthia took my camera and took some fabulous photos of their time together.

I took this photo with my phone after some wonderful sushi and amazing baked mussels at The Sushi Bar in McCall, ID. As we often do when we get to enjoy a great meal, we recalled many of the other fabulous, and not so fabulous, meals we have shared over the years. It is always a great walk down memory lane. Thank you to the ladies for giving us a much needed evening.

I think at this point it is fairly safe to say that I was suffering from mild depression during this trip. I have only recently been able to find a way to help it and am starting to feel better. I hope I wasn't too much for everyone. Kyle's family is wonderful and I am so lucky to have them in my life. I look forward to many more trips to Idaho with them all.


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Splish Splash

Let's continue down memory lane. Day two of our Idaho adventure was spent lake side. Logan still didn't want to be with others so we spent part of the morning walking down to the dock. The great news was that Kyle had recovered from his food poisoning!

Trying to skip stones like daddy.

We spent the afternoon at Aunt Deneen and Roger's beach. They bought a lake house a few years back and are slowly fixing it up. It is just down the road from Grandma Betty and Grandpa Dewey's cabin. It has a wonderful beach! Perfect for learning to play in the lake.

The other boys have no water issues. They would run and jump in the lake over and over again. Sadly we couldn't get Logan even remotely interested in trying that. He really hates having water in his face.

So, castle building it was.

Even though Logan couldn't get over his grumpy behavior towards the boys, they did eventual make sand castles together. Although Logan did have a tendency to want to destroy what others built.

The next day I succumbed to Reece's request for the scavenger hunt. I had mentioned it when we arrived and he was so excited to give it a try. I took egg cartons and painted each section a different color. The goal was to find something outside that matched each color. The dads got involved and the boys seemed to have a great time.

Each boy received a balsa wood plane after the hunt. I was so excited when I saw those planes in the store, but sadly they were duds. They just wouldn't fly. Luckily we had lots of paper and Kyle went to town making paper airplanes. Of course Logan didn't want to do planes with the other boys so there he goes.

He was happier by himself on the tire swing.

Meanwhile, inside some lucky people were playing cards. This family loves to play cards and games. You can almost always find a game of some sort going on.

The rest of the boys were going to bed so Logan was hanging out the adults while we enjoyed a little card game of our own. As usual, we let him play with the iPad as a distraction. Here he is showing Grandpa Dewey how to play a word game.

Logan does love Katie. Unless she is barking. Here they are checking out the noises of the night through the screen door.

My time is getting short. I have one more post to write about Idaho and close out July. However, packers show up in two days and we move up to Los Alamos on Friday. Crossing my fingers that I find some time between cleaning and organizing to get that last post up.