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Small World

As mentioned earlier, Kyle and I live on base and we are in a townhome. To be precise, we live in a duplex and therefore have only one connected townhome to ours. The family in that home consists of a cute couple, Ernie and Laura, with their 7-month-old, Benjamin, and their four-footed companion, Bear, at over 160lbs:

I was chatting with Laura one morning about Alamogordo, NM as they used to be stationed there not too long ago. I mentioned that my sister-in-law worked at the test track. Laura asked me who my sister-in-law was and low and behold Deneen, my sister-in-law, sang at Laura's wedding. Deneen's best friend was Laura's mentor at the track… We move cross-country and live right next to people who are connected to our family. I could be wrong, but I think they are going to be great neighbors.

Side note: We have introduced Frik & Frak to Bear, with tons supervision and a fence in between. Frik & Frak raised their hair and moved towards the fence showing no fear. Bear jumped around in a playful fashion and our cats decided he wasn’t that interesting and went back to looking at the trees.


  1. I am curious... you live on the base, so is your b&b off base? It is beautiful by the way.

  2. Just to clear up any confusion: the "B&B" is just our house. You are all welcome to stay, free of charge. Perhaps we will throw in breakfast, too.