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Logan sure is a messy eater (July)

Life sure seems busy with a little crawling machine. I'll try to post as much of July as I can while he naps.

Here are photos of his Baby Led Weaning for the month. It sure is a messy process, but Logan seems to love it. We do give him standard stuff like yogurt, tomato soup and some baby food too. However, he seems to be really engaged when we give him food we are eating. As you will see, I'm not sure a bib protects much. Most of the time I just let him eat naked. Sometimes we hose him off in his bumbo chair and sometimes he just goes straight into a bath.

Curry Broccoli


Tofu chocolate pudding after a swim at the Sullivan's home. Thanks Pat & Tom! This was his second time in a pool.


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  1. lol...picturing the 'hosing him off' part makes me laugh. We have a big bumkins big bib (short sleeve junior bib) that's waterproof and covers most of him. It's the only bib we use anymore. :) I can certainly appreciate the messes...sometimes I think a dog would be helpful in helping us clean up. :P