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Holiday Treats

As usual, the holidays came and went at lightning speed. Seems like I can never stay on top of everything that I want to during those months. Now it time to play catch up on my blog. I'll start off with these treats I made:

I saw these on the web and had to try them out myself.


This was my own design.

This was our anniversary cake: celebrating 13 years with a Baileys Irish Cream vanilla cake.


  1. Good thing this hobby didn't take off until after you left Texas, or I'd weigh 200 pounds (assuming you share)! I like your snowman better than the santas. You are very talented!

  2. Yeah, it isn't the best hobby for the waistline. I also baked a ton of other goodies, but they didn't make the web cut.

  3. These cookies are so cute. Canyon and Indie want to try them. And they want me to try to make them. We will see. Does the fondant icing taste good? I will have to try that some day. We are totally impressed.