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Moments worth sharing

I saw similar photos online and just had to take my own:
Logan and Dad
Logan and Mommy
One of many sleeping photos
The biggest diaper changing surprise to date.  FYI:  That's poop.
Grandpa Neel's first time to hold Logan.
First time on the playmat.
Finally here is a photo of the tree we made for Logan's nursery. It would not exist without so many friends and family bringing us toilet paper rolls (tree top) and paper bags (trunk). The sun is made out of wood clothespins.
There is one person in particular that I would like to thank for the huge box of rolls she gave us: Dega Patterson, a family friend, my high school biology teacher, and the person whose name was my first word. Dega told her current students that anyone who brought her rolls would receive a treat. Her students proceeded to raid the school bathrooms leaving toilet paper streaming down the halls where I spent 4 years of my life. Thanks Dega!


  1. Comment our friend Sarah tried to post. I thought I would use it to test the posting process.

    "I love the foot photos! Wish I had done that (I might still try!). And omg...I got the best laugh out of the poop photo. We have had some funny diaper changes too, but I didn't get any pictures unfortunately (but my blog details a few of them!). Beautiful tree! All the love that went into it...just for Logan...so precious!"

  2. Thanks for the kind words Julie. I am going to be a grandma in Sept. Yipee!!