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Colds strike our home

After spending the afternoon of September 23rd getting my flu shot and taking Logan to get his, we had caught something and I spent the next month with a cold. Although that doesn't compare to poor Logan, who was sick till right before Christmas. I ended up taking him to the doctor 4 times and finally they decided to try antibiotics. So what do you do for a toddler who isn't well enough to play. In our house we do crafts and lots of Curious George.

I made this page for Logan to try his first water colors. I outlined leaves and drew his name and then used hot glue to outline everything.

I thought this next craft would be a huge hit with him, but he didn't seem all that interested. I gave him some marbles in paint that he could roll around on the paper.

This was his only masterpiece.
 Our next craft was a Fall tree from cereal.

We had to miss our Lowe's Build and Grow session, but they were kind enough to let me bring home the kit so that Logan could build his fire truck.

One day, Logan spent a decent amount of time peeling his crayons.

Sick or not, he had to help clean up the mess. I was sick too, so I didn't feel too bad.

Logan loves to scoop and dump, so out came the popcorn kernels. This is a simple thing for little ones when they don't feel good.

I bought him some fall leaf stickers and we traced his hand for the tree trunk. Here he is gluing it down.

Look at those fingers work on getting that paper off the sticker.

The corn was so much fun that I thought we should make Fall colored rice to play with. Here Logan is shaking up the dye and rice.

Enjoying the fruits of our labor. His water table made a great indoor rice table.

Finding the letters to spell "Happy Fall" out of his stickers.

That ends September. As I write this, Logan just coughed. He did really recover around Christmas, but he has had some coughing the last few nights. So sad to have him sick for so long. Here's hoping his immune system gets stronger this next year. If any of you end up with a sick toddler, Pinterest has a plethora of craft ideas.


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