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Hello August

Wow I have managed to achieve a new level of blog failure. I am 5 months behind! So, here is August - part 1 in a mad rush to get through December.

August started out with a birthday party. One of Kyle's childhood friends, Brian, had a son who turned 5. It was a fun superhero themed party, but Logan didn't want to interact with the other kids so he did things on his own schedule.

Logan loves his cape and mask that Leslie gave to him at the party.

Here are the superheros of the day.

Next up was a zoo concert with Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Lee, Kay and Jim Shields.

We managed to listen to a little bit of music before moving on to our usual run around the zoo.

Learning to roll down the hill.

Picking up leaves for Mom.

There goes Uncle Lee.

Our new glow stick helped us stay together as we left the concert.

Enjoyed the fall weather with some park time.

We visited a new park with Grandpa, while Grandma had an eye appointment.

This cool thing spun around and around. Logan is spinning in the pictures below.

My little kitchen helper. I don't recall what kind of muffins we made, but I bet they were good. 



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