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Let's go to the fair!

I will start out by saying that while there are many adorable moments captured below, our little man was not very pleasant to be with on this day. Perhaps he slept on the wrong side of the bed. Perhaps he didn't get enough sleep. Perhaps he was hungry. Who knows! Sometimes being 2 is just hard and this was just one of those hard days. So I must give a super big apology to Grandma and Grandpa Neel and Uncle Lee, who ventured out with us and had to deal with grumpy parents too. Hopefully next year will be better.

The moment we got to the fair Logan was upset just getting out of the car. A fair security worker saw that Logan was upset and offered him candy. Of course, Kyle and I took the candy and instantly got rid of it. That led to the promise of ice cream to our distraught toddler. We were at the fair after all and knew there would be bad food to go with the good food in our backpack. We couldn't find ice cream fast enough. I thought for sure it would help his mood, but no luck there.

After many more frustrating moments and finally getting him to eat some good food, he seemed a little better inside the McDonald Farm. Here you get to pretend to pick apples, eggs, and various fruits in a basket and then redistribute them at the end into various baskets. Of course the biggest attraction is the toddler tractors. Hopefully he can drive himself next year.

No this is not the toddler tractor.

After eating the apple slices from McDonald's farm we headed over to the pony rides! He was very silent during the whole ride and only spoke when he was ready to get down. He rode Scout for a long time though.

Now it was time for the adults to have some food so we headed over to the Hispanic Village, grabbing Logan some pizza along the way. I think this is where Logan finally started to have more fun. We enjoyed our enchiladas and Logan made some new friends, for a little while anyway.

This little boy just walked right up to Logan and hugged him.

Pretty sure Logan had no idea what to do.

The toddler exchange of rocks.

I think I see a smile there.

This is the proper way to test which fruit strip you want to eat.

There goes Grampa's hat.

Oh wait, it might not make it far.

The day finally ended with a few smiles here and there.



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