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Cape Cod in the Spring

The last time we visited Cape Cod was in November with Kyle's parents. Back then it was really cold and slightly windy. So, we thought it would be nice to visit when the weather was at least a little better. While it was still a little cold (enough to keep the crowds away), the weather was much better than it was in November. We still didn't get to walk around any towns along the Cape, as traffic to get there was horrible and we didn't arrive at the Cape until late in the day. However, we drove along route 6A through some of the cute little towns so that we could at least see some of the area a little better.
Short hike around the visitor center area.

Our main goal for the afternoon was to walk along the beach so we could enjoy some more ocean time before our July departure. We headed to the Great Island Trail located along the peninsula around Wellfleet Harbor. 

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See the snail path?

This terrain seemed so out of place.  We're right on the ocean here, but looks like an inland mountain path.  The picture is poor as the light was fading.
We walked about 8 miles in sand that day.  It was a beautiful location, and almost nobody else was there.  There was, however, also some element of sadness. During our trek we found 3 dead dolphins and 1 dead seal lion. It was heart breaking. We assume they got stranded on the beach by a storm that had just gone through the area. I sure hope to never see anything like that again.


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