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May brought swimming lessons

Logan has taken two beginner swim classes in Albuquerque. He never liked them. Each time we went all he wanted to do was get out of the water. When we moved to Los Alamos we were happy to discover that the aquatic center has their classes in the warm water therapy pool and it is indoors, so no sun glare, which Logan hates. So we took a class in May and again in June. The new pool was a huge improvement. While he still can't swim on his own, he made great progress. Every time we drive by the pool he mentions going back to swim.

I finished my shelves!

He's just so cute, watching tv.

Next craft was to make a tree for each season. 

Then we took more of our colored noodles and threaded each color of the rainbow...

... to make a rainbow coming out of a cloud.

I know there isn't much text and I'm sad to think of all of the things I have forgotten, but there it is.


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