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Mid-May ... one more blog done.

Oh my, oh my. Already Halloween tomorrow. I may have to stay up late and make sure I get at least May done.

We were talking about rainbows, bees and butterflies back in May.  We had a butterfly pavilion with 10 caterpillars that turned into butterflies. So we took them outside to set them free, but they had a hard time deciding to leave us. It took many days of taking the net outside before they were all gone.

Next I decided I needed to add some storage to the garage to store all of my holiday boxes. So off to Lowe's I went. That is how I spent my Mother's Day.

Thanks to a gift from my Dad, I was able to buy all the lumber that I needed. Thanks to my Subaru, I was able to get it home. Although the Subaru may have protested those 12' long boards.

In May Logan received his first set of knives. It really is great to have him be a little helper in the kitchen. 

We continued our "Letter of the Week" and did "I". 

Here is our craft for the week. "I" is for Ice Cream. 

Next up was some noodle coloring and the next day we made a noodle rainbow. 

To finish up mid-May, I did the practice run of the wedding cake for our friends Dave and Shelly. They came up to help our friend Tim move into his house.

Ok. One blog done and so many  more to go....



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