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December Phone Chronicles

Apparently I forgot to add some phone photos to the last few blogs so here they are.

Our Kindness Elf, Ralphie, had a few more antics to share before Christmas came. Apparently he likes photography, baking and puzzles.

Just a glimpse into daily life. Mommy cuts Logan's hair while we watch tv. A fairly easy way to save $20 each time a haircut is needed.

Frik demanded to help me make the Christmas gifts.

After which she took a well deserved nap.

 Logan spent some time coloring and making a gingerbread house, which he promptly ate the candy off of.

Rosie continued to hop around the house and decided she was going to poop all over Logan's bed. Luckily it always has a bed protector on it, but I got tired of cleaning up after her. I tried to dissuade her from getting on the bed, but by box approach completely failed.

We got out our felt Christmas tree.

 One last photo to show how excited we all were for the Lego gift from Uncle Tim.



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